Download our desktop application

With our desktop application, your team can get the most out of what we take pride in simplicity.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is the desktop application really free?
Yes, the desktop application is completely free and there is no extra change for using it. The only charges you incur are the ones with your chosen subscription.
Is the desktop application worth downloading?
We believe so, yes! Simply pin the application to your taskbar or desktop, and get to work straight away. Since we do not charge extra, we think it is a win-win situation.
Are there any performance benefits over using the web application?
There are, yes! With a dedicated application running on your computer, we have more control over minimizing certain performance impacts your browser might cause.
Do I unlock any more features by using the application?
Currently we do not offer any more features to desktop users. We would like to be as easy as possible for each and every team/user, and therefore desktop-only features would have a negative effect. In the future we may introduce desktop-specific features if we believe they would be more performant on a native application.