Collaborative review, for Marketing Teams

Simplify your review and approval workflow within your team, with EndorseFlow.
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A single point for feedback

Marketing is a time-consuming task, always keeping up with trends, and is often done in teams of talented people - everyone needs a say. In one location, no matter where you are in the world, collaborate on reviewing your files in real-time, drop annotations directly on the asset and leave a message.

Meet stringent regulations

Rules and guidelines - they're everywhere. Keep your team inline with regulations set by standard and/or your company.Easily keep everyone on the same page with what needs to be done, what needs to be reviewed, and what feedback you're looking for.
Regulations and Criteria
Comment Feed and Thread

Out with the inbox, in with the comment feed

Email threads get long, messy, and lost in the many received per-day. Let's stop that. Simply view all reviews / annotations / comments, from a single page in a simple feed - grouped together with replies.We want you to be the best at your job, so stop stressing about forgotten feedback - get back to marketing that asset.Need to send a quick image with your feedback? Add an attachment to your comments and replies for inline and quick feedback.

Export custom branded file reports, or print them

Export file reports as a nice and clean PDF file with your company branding applied. Save these documents or print them out for the good ol' fashion filing. Your reports are stored in the cloud for easily accessability.You can export file reports for all file types that we support - Images, Videos, PDF, and Audio.
Comment Feed and Thread

Automate your workflow

Using FlowBot, automate the publishing of your final version, directly to a selected social media channel from one of our supported integrations, as soon as you hit "Approved". Or use FlowBot for other automatic jobs and tasks.You can read our extensive guide here on all the ins and outs of FlowBot and how your team can easily get started. If you encounter an issue, or have a question regarding a use-case, don't hesitate to Contact Us.
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Still not sure? Get in touch with a member of our team and we would be more than happy to answer your queries!If you would like to discuss Enterprise options for your company, please do so here.